Friday, June 20, 2014

Every wonder where your Pretty Pony backpack went?

Men wear western shirts and slacks - cotton button down or knit type shirts. younger women wear western wear. Older women wear very sensible two piece garments with a wrap (kanga) that is combination skirt cove, shawl, baby carrier and base for carrying heavy items on the head. All are in good repair and were probably purchased for the person wearing them.

Children have school uniforms in various states of repair, but immaculately clean. Over them or on non-school days they have a variety of shirts and jackets and backpacks that were most certainly donations.

Recently seen:
Monroe Class of 2001 Reunion (including the names of class members on the back)
"Grandma loves me" in German
Wisconsin, Michigan, NYC hoodies
whatever American pop star was big in the previous decade
slogan of a Korean tech company
Huge eyed ponies, girls, cats, dogs and dragons

All umbrellas are souvenirs of golf tournaments from Scotland to Thailand to Australia.

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