Friday, June 6, 2014

Little fingers

Children merely recite numbers and count circles or line to do addition. They do not count on their fingers. Americans, of course, hold up fingers even to grown ups - "you should get 3 points from this sermon."  The only time grow ups use fingers is to communicate the price of something to a "mzungu" or non-African.

They children do hold up one finger to volunteer. And they yell "teecha me" in a way that makes it impossible to chose one since they are all so anxious!

The uniforms are dresses or pants and sweater in various combinations depending I suppose on how many older siblings/neighbors have worn it. Many are ripped, but they are all clean. Since everything must be ironed to get out the bugs, the overall impression is very tidy and formal even with the rips. Shoes are the full range from relatively intact to bits of laces and worn out Velcro for closures. But they all have something.

I hope many of them will be at Church tomorrow so I can see their families.

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