Tuesday, June 3, 2014


I am teaching whatever is assigned (art, science, maths, English, and Kiswahili) to ages 3-6. They sit amazingly in desks - not by any means "still" but usually in the area they stared in. No toys, no activity sheets, no crayons or paper. Just shared (and frequently chewed) pencils and Blue books for assignments. Chalk board, chalk - the remains of an old eraser. And humans.

Oral tradition is still the most important and our goal at this age is to lay some groundwork for English. So if they get the sounds, the meaning is nice but not necessary. It will come back. I can only hope "the cows in the barn go moo,moo,moo!" makes a lasting impression.

Outdoor play involves running and balls and running after balls and balls chasing while you run. You get the picture. Wildebeest and warthogs were a vacation!

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