Tuesday, June 3, 2014



If you were in a country where the temperature was warm to hot, a few heavy rains, no breeze, and not much need for security, what kind of house would you construct? No need for insulation or storm doors, but whatever breeze is around.

As we drive past houses here I am stuck by how minimally sensible they are - rustic as they are to our  American eyes.  Mud or brick, window and doors to get the cross draft with windows and doors to close for the rain, one level. Bathrooms outside to keep them away from the kitchen and cooking. Wood stove for cooking since there are no gas lines. Water outside from a common pump because the community all goes there. I have seen few 2 story house anywhere except those built for group living. There are a few with gates and gardens of the better off, but it is still a variation of the simple structure. Because that is all that is needed.

What if we only built what we needed? On the other hand I have come to consider indoor plumbing a necessity...

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