Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Safari 2

The second day we were in more of a forested area, another park. Here the animals were not afraid of the road or cars at all. We frequently stopped for an elephant parade! We saw animals so close up and tons of giraffes. Zebras and wildebeest in huge packs. Plenty of food and water and nature in balance.

The parks are often the homes of only the Maasi, the very traditional tribe that retain many old ways, including eating nothing but meat. So they do not plant at all and can move about in range of the animals without disturbing them. They also marry as many wives as they can and live in tight communities with wood fires and no electricity.

At both parks we took pictures like crazy and no one said anything until we tried to get a photo of a Maasi with his cattle. He asked for money for taking his picture. Obviously feeding his cash cow.....

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