Monday, June 2, 2014

Safari 1

It will take at least a week to report on everything I saw, much less reflect.  I will add pictures but you must believe - though I hardly can - that it was not Disney Animal Kingdom. The animals are in a space, but a very spacious space, a space that has always been theirs. There is abundant grass and they can find water they need. Lions eat zebras in the circle of life, but they balance out so they do not overpopulate.  No guards except for the people! Only tours are allowed in, only a certain number of jeeps per day.

OK with that said, it was another world. Friday we went to a Maasi village and I'll say more about that later.

Saturday we were in Norongoro Crater, a huge grassy area surrounded by mountains. Here are a picture - worth 1000 words or more!

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