Thursday, June 12, 2014

Moshi Groundcover

Some of the new volunteers are at a preschool in Fancy Moshi. Strongly constructed houses behind strong gates that servants open and close. Intentional trees, spaced evenly. The most noticeable thing is they have lawns! Grass - maintained grass.

 Where we live and teach, grass is for grazing and dirt is the primary low maintenance ground cover.

It is also the road construction material of choice on all but the most major highway. Asphalt has not reached even Fancy Moshi. In the wet season this is a nightmare and in this just post-rainy season there have been no orange cones put out to indicate repair. Every trip is a tooth jarring experience of I removed rocks and driving around places that were recently hippo sized mud holes.

Rocky Road ice cream will always mean Moshi to me!

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